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Costa Rica Tourism has partnered with the Eden Project to set up an Eco Lodge exhibit to create a Costa Rican sanctuary within the Eden Project. The lodge will be situated deep within the Rainforest Biome, close to the waterfall, and will bring to life Costa Rica’s commitment to eco-tourism, acting as a showcase of its sustainability credentials. A simple, relaxed ‘lodge’ style building is being created, using natural materials to fit with the tropical backdrop. Vibrant tropical planting, including Heliconia, Brugmansia and Anthurium will invite visitors to discover more.

The exhibit will tell the story of Costa Rica’s eco and biodiversity themes, complemented by Eden’s own continuing work with the Matambú Forest Reserve, as part of Costa Rica’s reforestation programme. Eden’s ambitious plan is to continue the regeneration of this forest, and expand it further to encourage the return of wildlife (including jaguars and tapirs), working with local communities to create a region which is sustainable both environmentally and economically.

Encouraging sustainable tourism to help spread the message of regeneration around the world is a vital part of this vision.

"Costa Rica is my sanctuary. It’s a place I come to relax, to unwind, to really feel at one with the environment. The world needs more Pura Vida.

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